About JSC Verslo sukurys and www.partnerInLithuania.com
JSC “Verslo sukurys” was established in 2004 in Kaunas, second largest Lithuanian city. Primary idea of our business is a one-stop-shop for business services, such as: business plans, market research, establishment of undertakings, business consulting and training for Lithuanian business start-ups and matured companies. In last years we successfully implemented more than 50 different business projects.
Growing interest in our services from foreign companies encouraged us to offer business services oriented only to foreign companies and individual clients, who are interested in Lithuanian market. Our services include:  
  • Business start-up services (includes company registration service);
  • Inerpretation services;
  • Reprezentation services. 
We work with clients from Italy, Latvia, Poland, USA, Great Britain, Russia.
The team of JSC "Verslo sūkurys"
We may straightly admit that it would be complicated to provide a lot of qualitative business services without contribution of the people round about, so the team of JSC “Verslo sukurys“ is structured of qualified and skilled employees and outside experts-consultants, who have no less than 5 years of working experience in different areas of business.
We lay our account on your comprehension and support! Work, communicate, exchange information and seek for the goal together!
JSC "Verslo sukurys" – your partner in Lithuania!
Our web page is structured that each service has its own page, where you can easily find all necessary information relating chosen service. If you would like to get more information, you can always fill the request form, send it to us and we will answer as soon as possible.
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JSC "Verslo sukurys" – your partner in Lithuania!