Payroll services

Using payrolling by our company  Baltic Personnel Recruitment as an employer provides you with ease, flexibility and service. The key is the following: we undertake the obligation to pay salary to your employees, including the risk and responsibility associated with having your own staff. This provides you fewer obligations and more freedom.

Payrolling by Baltic Personnel Recruitment alters nothing on the shopfloor. You still take care of own recruitment and daily management of your staff. The benefits you receive are on the financial and practical side:

Baltic Personnel Recruitment:

  • pays net salaries, premiums taxes
  • distributes pay slips
  • manages the register of sick leaves and staff return to work

Since your staff is formally the responsibility of Baltic Personnel Recruitment, you are free of the obligation to continue payments to them during a sick leave. You are also released from any requirements to pay social security contributions and taxes as well as other claims.

Who benefits from payrolling?

Payrolling may be of interest to any business that employs staff. The following are merely a small part of examples of companies and sectors where payrolling offers significant benefits:

  • The audiovisual industry
  • Media companies
  • Event organizing industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Call centres
  • Architects
  • Publishers
  • The promotion industry
  • The hotel and catering industry


If you are starting your own business and find yourself with more work than you can handle, but do not want to take on permanent staff just yet, payrolling may be the ideal solution for you. You can expand your business without the risks involved in employing your own staff.

How does payrolling differ from a temping agency?

A temping agency handles the recruitment and selection of your staff. For a set period of time it also acts as the employer of your temporary staff. It manages salary administration for the employees and may also arrange a replacement if someone is on a sick leave.
Baltic Personnel Recruitment, on the other hand, is the legal employer and handles all the more complex aspects of salary administration including the risks involved in being an employer, on your behalf. Nonetheless you retain control over your own recruitment and staff selection, set working hours and manage contacts with the staff. Payrolling requires less expenses than temping but offers the same level of flexibility for business.

How does payrolling differ from a bookkeeper, administration agency, accountant or tax office

Businesses often outsource salary administration to a bookkeeper. An accountant or a bookkeeper may certainly take the workload off your hands, however, not the responsibility of employing your own staff. Moreover, you do not know beforehand the cost of the services of an accountant. Accountants and bookkeepers‘ work is based on a contract, it is often invoiced per transaction or per hour. The final costs are often much higher than what you had originally budgetted for.

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